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Franchise: what is it and why do you need a deposit for a car?

Pledge for the car - the amount of the security deposit, in which the client is responsible for the occurrence of accidents / theft / damage, regardless of his fault. The deposit left by the client is provided to cover possible non-critical damage that may occur during the use of the car. Also, the deposit amount of compensation for an incomplete fuel tank (when the car is returned) or payment for the additional time of the lease renewal can be deducted from the deposit.

Can the liability amount exceed the deposit amount? In which cases?

Yes it can. This happens in the following cases: if the client, in case of a road accident, was under the influence of foreign substances (alcohol, drugs), did not bother to call the police at the scene or disappeared from the scene of the accident. Cases where the accident occurred due to a gross violation of traffic rules are also taken into account. The client is fully responsible for his actions, which is equal to the amount of damages caused by him.

Is it possible to reduce the amount of the deposit?

Yes, it is possible. Reduction of the amount of the deposit and, consequently, the liability is availablein 5 times. A purchase of an additional insurance is required for the implementation of such an operation. This service is provided if the rental car is more than 3 days.

How can I make a deposit and payment?

The deposit is paid in cash (Visa or MasterCard payment cards), which is subsequently blocked on the client’s account. The amount of the deposit is recorded in the rentaldocuments  and in Delivery-Acceptance Act.

When will I receive my deposit and how it will be done?

The deposit, which the client left in cash, is returned to him after the car is returned (does not depend on the place of return). If the funds have been blocked on the client’s account, the manager provides a supporting document (check) confirming the cancellation of the transaction. In this case, the funds may be displayed on the customer’s account within 30 days.

What happens if the car breaks down on the road?

Our company undertakes to provide the necessary technical assistance to the client or repair, if such is possible. In case the repair takes more time, we will provide the customer with another car.

Can I transfer a rented car to another person?

Transfer of the car to third parties without notice to the company is prohibited. If necessary, we can enter several additional drivers into the rental contract. But at the time of the transfer of the car, we must be provided with their driver's licenses.

In what state a car is rented out?

The car is transferred clean and with a full tank of fuel. Also, all cars are equipped with a spare tire, wheel wrench and travel kit.

Are there any restrictions when using the car rental?

Yes there are. It is forbidden to smoke in the car, to violate the rules of the road (this also applies to the speed of driving). It is also forbidden to use the car for other purposes (as a taxi or to participate in sports races), transfer to third parties without notice, repair the car yourself.

What to do if an accident occurred?

If any unplanned situations arise (traffic accidents, hijacking, etc.), the renter undertakes to notify the owner within 30 minutes from the time of the accident.

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