Car rental
in Lviv and region
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Car rental
in Lviv and region

Rental conditions

The following documents are required:
Passport / international passport, as well as age must not be less than 21 years;

Driving license with driving experience of at least 2 years;

Car rental services are paid by cash and other than by cash. Payments other than in cash are made using Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

The signing of a car rental agreement is secured by paying in the full cost of a car rental, and alsoby deposit blocking.

The rate includes:
- Basic insurance;
- 24-hour support (24/7).

Basic insurance - the financial responsibility of the client, limited to its deductible franchise. The insurance is applied only in case of a road accident.
Franchise - the amount that includes the full responsibility of the client.
Within this amount, the client is obliged to be liable to the company ROBS only if damage or hijacking of the rented car is recorded.
Standard rate (one-day) - the ability to use the car for 24 hours. If the client exceeds the specified period by 2 or more hours,
the renter has the right to demand an extension of the rate. Again, the standard rate in fullis applicable, which is charged for each subsequent day of hire. The minimum rental period is 24 hours.
The client can optionally purchase an additional insurance package corresponding to the company's rates.

Client Responsibility Rules:
In case of a situation, when a rental car has been damaged or stolen, the deductible franchise limits the Client’s liability.
The company's recommendation: to return the car in its pure form, since it greatly simplifies fixing the state of the object and the presence of damage.

The security deposit for the selected car directly depends on the class to which it belongs. The agreed amount is paid in cash or blocked on the payment card at the time when the signing of documents takes place. The blocked amount is returned after the car is returned.

All vehicles are leased only with a full tank. If the car after the expiration of the rental period is returned with a half-empty tank, t
then the remaining cost of petrol is calculated and paid taking into account the average market price of petrol on the day of the contract execution.

Territory of car use
Prohibited from leaving the country in which the car is rented. An exception is prior written permission from ROBS.
Denied entry into the territory of Donetsk, Lugansk regions and the Crimea peninsula.

Reception / delivery of the car:
- getting a car is available at rental locations, only during working hours;
- drive up and acceptance of the car within the city is free;
the cost of driving up or accepting a car outside the city is calculated by the manager on an individual basis.
All calculations are carried out in the national currency - hryvnia, taking into account the interbank exchange rate, which is relevant at the date of payment.

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